Thursday, September 21, 2017

Since the lakes refroze for fishing opener, the SD57 Republicans in House District 57A meet on Saturday May 14th at the Falcon Ridge Middle School for the purposes of considering endorsement for the Republican candidate for the House District 57A seat, currently held by Rep. Tara Mack.

Four excellent candidates ran for endorsement and after four ballots, the delegates of House District 57A chose to endorse Ali Jimenez-Hopper.

We look forward to the election in November so that we can send Ali Jimenez-Hopper to the State Capitol to represent Apple Valley and Lakeville.

We have the results for the CD/State Delegates election.  These are the delegates representing SD57 at both the CD Convention (May 7th) and at the State Convention (May 20th and May 21st).

HD57A was able to elect 17 delegates and 34 alternates. HD57B was able to elect 20 delegates and 40 alternates.

Delegates Alternates* Delegates Alternates*
Kevin Ecker Brian Horak Jeff Lorsung John Hinderaker
Yelena Vorobyov Jessica Biskupski  Pat Staley  Sarah Hartung 
Larry Debelak Jynell Boulka  Cory Campbell  Jeffrey Ellis 
Amy Dale Jay Werness  Jerry Ewing  Constance Zabinsky 
Ikram Huq Jason Christianson  Jane Binion  Kathy Oppel 
Shelli Ricci Michael Thompson  Mary Mueller  Maury Flake 
Daren Mehl Kathy Lea  Kymi Kieffer  Steve Odegard 
Alex Phillips Patricia Bauman  Laura Clifford  Chris Mattson 
Jim Peterson Vickie Moe  Cindy Bills  Michael Thompson 
Jose Jimenez Sandra Jimenez  Sharon Peterson  Russell Conway 
Daniel Huwe Melford Henschel  Nancy Tauer  John Mele 
Kevin Schleppenbach Daniel Jimenez  Steve Ludwigson  Kathleen Rogers 
Carlos Ricci Leslie Henschel  Jeff Weisensel  Peter Rothers 
Jacob Leander  Mark Determan  Harold Shudlick  Stephen Bailey 
Jack Loewen  Anna Korger  Ken Mueller  Norman Fluegge 
Rich McCabe  Dean Robinson  Loree Hinderaker  Brian Sabo 
Ryan Moe  Steve Clark  Mark Pehrson  Sandra Rothers 
  Mike Rickert  Michael Atherly  Matthew Clifford 
  Zach Freimark  Russell Davies  Eric Greener 
  Linda Blake  Eileen Tompkins  Raymond Hanson 
  Ryan Kirkley    Mark Heruth 
  Jennifer Bakalov    Kim Ulrich 
  Steven Burch    Beth Kleinbhoehl 
  Justice Whitethorn    Sherry Dandurand 
  Wayne Lea    James Schnoor 
  Otto Gross    Brooke Schaeffer 
  William Gross    Ron Skrbec 
  Michael Rose    Patrick Duppong 
  John Machaby    Mike Schaeffer 
  Carolyn Stensrud    Robert Rothman 
  Sandra Cluff   Ray Hanson 
  James Ivey    Rudy Hersberger 
  Tom Sauser    Timothy Traeger 
  Tim Korger    Randy Schnepper 
      Raymond Jones 
      Todd Metoxen 
      Jerry Brown 
      Al Herut 

* Alternates are ranked in the order listed.

Here are the results for our Precinct Caucuses:

  Carson Cruz Kasich Rubio Trump Write-In Total Votes
AV1 5.68% 26.14% 4.55% 43.18% 20.45% 0% 88
AV2 5.83% 32.04% 6.8% 32.04% 22.33% 0.97% 103
AV3 11.11% 15.87% 6.35% 39.68% 26.98% 0% 63
AV4 7.04% 30.99% 14.08% 35.21% 12.68% 0% 71
AV5A 4.6% 26.44% 10.34% 47.13% 11.49% 0% 87
AV6 5.0% 37.5% 10% 37.5% 10% 0% 40
AV11 1.1% 23.08% 9.89% 36.26% 29.67% 0% 91
AV12 4.35% 35.87% 5.43% 33.7% 20.65% 0% 92
AV13 8.22% 31.51% 1.37% 47.95% 10.96% 0% 73
AV14 13.73% 35.29% 1.96% 41.18% 7.84% 0% 51
AV15 5.41% 43.24% 0% 32.43% 18.92% 0% 37
LV16 11.27% 22.54% 6.34% 38.73% 21.13% 0% 142
LV17 11.11% 33.33% 1.39% 38.89% 15.28% 0% 72
AV5B 4.58% 32.06% 5.34% 39.69% 18.32% 0% 131
AV7 3.7% 34.57% 9.88% 34.57% 17.28% 0% 81
AV8 9.68% 27.42% 5.65% 41.13% 16.13% 0% 124
AV9 4.03% 29.53% 14.09% 40.94% 11.41% 0% 149
AV10 11.67% 8.33% 20.0% 40.0% 20.0% 0% 60
Coates 0.0% 66.67% 0% 0% 33.33% 0% 3
R1 2.07% 28.97% 4.14% 46.9% 17.93% 0% 145
R2 2.6% 25.97% 5.19% 41.56% 24.68% 0% 77
R3 3.23% 33.55% 7.1% 45.16% 10.32% 0.65% 155
R4 13.33% 35.56% 4.44% 22.22% 22.22% 2.22% 45
R5 2.94% 22.06% 7.35% 45.59% 20.59% 1.47% 68
R6 1.35% 33.78% 5.41% 36.49% 22.97% 0% 74
R7 4.11% 27.4% 2.74% 27.4% 36.99% 1.37% 73
Total 5.88% 29.07% 6.97% 39.45% 18.41% 0.23% 2195


It's worth nothing that we had almost 2200 casting votes during this precinct caucuses.  That's almost four times as many as have ever been cast before, and that includes the caucuses in 2008.

We'd like to thank everyone that volunteered and made these caucuses possible.  Without our volunteers helping out, especially those convening our precincts, this would not have happened.  A special thank you goes to our 11 student volunteers from Apple Valley High School who did such a wonderful job helping people find out which precinct they were in!

We look forward to seeing many of you at our BPOU Convention on April 2nd!

Republicans are setting attendance records at even Primary/Caucus so far this election year.  Republicans, of all types, are fired up to with "hope and change"....hoping for a change in our national politics!

How can you help??

Well you can start by attending your Attend Your 2016 Precinct Caucuses!! But there are lots of other ways to get involved as well.  The easiest way is to Donate to Your Local Republicans. But if you're willing to donate some of your time, there are a variety of ways to get involved.  You can volunteer with your local Republican Party.  Or you can volunteer as an Election Judge or a Poll Watcher, you can inquire here or at your local Precinct Caucuses!

And of course, make sure you're registered to vote!!

While you're at it, like our Facebook page to keep up on updates from us, or visit our webpage again soon for more information.

Congratulations to Representatives Mack and Wills on winning re-election.  Not only winning re-election but also winning every single precinct in the district.  Results like this prove that both Mack and Wills have done an excellent job of representing their district in St. Paul.  

Congrats to them both and keep up the good work!

The legislature has reinstated the PCR program, so take advantage of it while you can!

What is the PCR program?

The Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program, allows individuals to donate up to $50 per person, or $100 for married couples, to a candidate or party of their choice and apply for a refund of their contribution from the state.  The program is available to all individuals eligible to vote in Minnesota and they may file one refund application per year.  Contributions to all parties and/or candidates that agree to abide by spending limits are eligible.

Quite simply, it's essentially like making a short term loan to the political party/candidate of your choice and the state will pay you back.

Donations to which candidates are eligible?

Donations to the following are eligible for refund:

  • Candidates for state offices who agree to abide by state spending limits, such as Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Senator and State Representative.
  • Political parties themselves, such as the Republican Party of Minnesota and Senate District 57 Republicans

Donations to the following are NOT eligible for refund:

  • Candidates for US Congress, US Senate, US President, local city council, county commissioner, school board, any other Federal or local candidates, and any state candidates that do not abide by spending limits.

Sounds great! How do I participate?

To receive a refund, a contributor must:

  1. Get a receipt from the political party or candidate to whome the contribution was made.
  2. Fill out Form PCR (for the year in which the contribution is made - 2013), which can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.
  3. Attach the receipt to the application (Form PCR) for the appropriate year (2013).
  4. Mail the application form and receipt to the Minnesota Department of Revenue at:

    Minnesota Political Contribution Refund
    Minnesota Department of Revenue
    St. Paul, MN 55146-1800

So if you'd like to donate to SD57, you can donate here and we'll send you a receipt.  You fill out the form and attach the receipt and mail it to the address above.  In a few weeks, the state will send you a check for your contribution amount up to $50 per individual.

A big thank you to all who attended our 2013 BPOU Convention!  While this is an off-season convention, it's at these conventions that we build the foundation for later success in elections.  With your help and energy we were able to do that this year.

At this convention we were able to approve our BPOU Constitution and elected the SD57 leadership team that will lead our BPOU for the next two years.  Our financial situation is sounds and provides a good basis for moving forward.  In addition, we elected our State Central Committee delegates/alternates to represent us at the state party.  Those delegates will be responsible for electing the new MN GOP chair.

Our first BPOU meeting with our new leadership team will be held on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm at the Rosemount Community Center.

Our new State Central Delegates can expect to hear from our BPOU Secretary soon with some preliminary information.

The Senate District 57 Republicans held their organizing convention on Saturday, March 17th, 2012.  Due to redistricting this was a very busy convention, but thanks to the hard work of many former SD37 leaders and current precinct chairs, it was a great success.

The delegates passed a SD57 Constitution, and elected new leadership.  They also elected delegates to the Congressional District 2 and MN GOP State party conventions.

One major agenda item, however, was postponed until a later date...endorsing candidates.  Due to the last minute retirement by Senator Gerlach and Rep. Bills choosing to run for US Senate, there wasn't much time for delegates to consider other options for endorsement.  Instead the delegates directed the Executive Committee to set an Endorsing Convention within 45 days.

Despite this, we've begun preparing for the 2012 elections, and we're confident that once again all three seats will go to Republicans for 2013 and 2014.

As many of you have been notified, a convention has been called to form the new Senate District 57.  Our convention will take place on March 17th, 2012 at:

Eastview High School
6200 140th Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Registration will open at 8:30 AM.  The nominations committee will meet with all candidates at 8:45 AM.  We will be called to order at 9:00 AM. 

Due to redistricting this will be a very busy convention, since we have a lot to do.  To help things go a little faster, we ask you to download and review the following documents in advance.

Please review all the documents above.  If you have changes you'd like to see made to the Constitution or Rules, please write them down in advance.  For the resolutions, try to come to a yes or no decision on each one, otherwise if you'd like one pulled for further debate, be prepared to make a motion to do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

As you probably know by now, the bulk of Senate District 37 will soon become Senate District 57.  Part of that process is organizing a new BPOU from scratch and that process starts with a BPOU Convention.  A Convention Committee has been appointed to start organizing that convention.  If you'd like to volunteer to help with that, by all means let us know.

The convention itself will take place on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 at Eastview High School.  Registration will begin at 8:30AM.

If you're a delegate you will receive a convention call in advance giving you the other necessary details.

This convention will be primarily tasked with forming a new BPOU from scratch.  To do that we'll need to do the following:

1) Approve a new Constitution

2) Elect leaders to lead the new BPOU

3) Elect delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions

But since this is an election year, we'll also need to do the following:

1) Endorse candidates for the SD57 Senate seat

2) Endorse candidates for the SD57 House seats

3) Vote on proposed changes to the MN GOP platform.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Updates will be available here as events progress.  

In addition, a new SD57 website is in the works and will eventually be online.


Prepared and paid for by the SD57 Republicans. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.