Thursday, September 21, 2017


We have the results for the CD/State Delegates election.  These are the delegates representing SD57 at both the CD Convention (May 7th) and at the State Convention (May 20th and May 21st).

HD57A was able to elect 17 delegates and 34 alternates. HD57B was able to elect 20 delegates and 40 alternates.

Delegates Alternates* Delegates Alternates*
Kevin Ecker Brian Horak Jeff Lorsung John Hinderaker
Yelena Vorobyov Jessica Biskupski  Pat Staley  Sarah Hartung 
Larry Debelak Jynell Boulka  Cory Campbell  Jeffrey Ellis 
Amy Dale Jay Werness  Jerry Ewing  Constance Zabinsky 
Ikram Huq Jason Christianson  Jane Binion  Kathy Oppel 
Shelli Ricci Michael Thompson  Mary Mueller  Maury Flake 
Daren Mehl Kathy Lea  Kymi Kieffer  Steve Odegard 
Alex Phillips Patricia Bauman  Laura Clifford  Chris Mattson 
Jim Peterson Vickie Moe  Cindy Bills  Michael Thompson 
Jose Jimenez Sandra Jimenez  Sharon Peterson  Russell Conway 
Daniel Huwe Melford Henschel  Nancy Tauer  John Mele 
Kevin Schleppenbach Daniel Jimenez  Steve Ludwigson  Kathleen Rogers 
Carlos Ricci Leslie Henschel  Jeff Weisensel  Peter Rothers 
Jacob Leander  Mark Determan  Harold Shudlick  Stephen Bailey 
Jack Loewen  Anna Korger  Ken Mueller  Norman Fluegge 
Rich McCabe  Dean Robinson  Loree Hinderaker  Brian Sabo 
Ryan Moe  Steve Clark  Mark Pehrson  Sandra Rothers 
  Mike Rickert  Michael Atherly  Matthew Clifford 
  Zach Freimark  Russell Davies  Eric Greener 
  Linda Blake  Eileen Tompkins  Raymond Hanson 
  Ryan Kirkley    Mark Heruth 
  Jennifer Bakalov    Kim Ulrich 
  Steven Burch    Beth Kleinbhoehl 
  Justice Whitethorn    Sherry Dandurand 
  Wayne Lea    James Schnoor 
  Otto Gross    Brooke Schaeffer 
  William Gross    Ron Skrbec 
  Michael Rose    Patrick Duppong 
  John Machaby    Mike Schaeffer 
  Carolyn Stensrud    Robert Rothman 
  Sandra Cluff   Ray Hanson 
  James Ivey    Rudy Hersberger 
  Tom Sauser    Timothy Traeger 
  Tim Korger    Randy Schnepper 
      Raymond Jones 
      Todd Metoxen 
      Jerry Brown 
      Al Herut 

* Alternates are ranked in the order listed.


Prepared and paid for by the SD57 Republicans. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.